Swami Vinayagam excelled in spirituality and astrology from a young age, thanks to his grandfather Sri Marimuthu, father Durai Raj, and Mother Thillaiyammal. Everyone was amazed and complimented him as all his predictions came true. After school education, he joined Gurukulam in Vaithiswarankoil to perceive more knowledge. At the start of the millennium, he moved to Andhra Pradesh and established a separate office. In 2008, he got married, and miraculously a divine saint/sadhu visited and performed some miracles on him, aftermath Swamiji, who had a predisposition for supernatural things went on numerous pilgrimages throughout Bharat desa and met many divine personalities like Naga sadhus, Aghora babas, Siddha Purushas, They blessed Swamiji with their Mystric divine energies.

        During the period his father told him about his grandfather Sri Sri Marimuthu, who was a great master of Mantra and Tantra he handed over his olaichuvadi (Old manuscripts to Swamiji. Swamiji dedicated five long years to learning mantra and Tantra vidya as said by his grandfather. He excelled in Yakshini, Upasana. Kutti Saitan, Devata Upasana, Voodoo Mantric, Anjana Vidya, Removal of Black Magic. He learnt Spiritual healing for the service of humanity Service to mankind is service to God.

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