History of Nadi Astrology

        Nadi astrology, also known as Nadi Shastra, Nadi Jyothish is a unique form of astrological practice that has its origins in ancient India.

It was performed by Indian sages thousands of years ago when the Saptharishis wrote on palm leaves with their yogic power. They are also known as Indian Sages. They had the ability to see into the past and future of the entire universe and record the lives of humans who had lived, were living, or were about to live. Their conversations were recorded on palm leaves using an ancient Tamil script. Expert Nadi astrologers are now the only ones who can decipher it.

The word “Nadi” means “palm leaf” in Tamil, which is where this system gets its name. It is believed to have been in practice for several centuries and is primarily associated with the southern regions of India, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu-Vaithiswarankoil.

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Nadi Procedure

Thumb Impression :you’ll be asked to provide your right thumb impression on a piece of paper. This impression is used to identify the specific set of Nadi granthas that contains your life details.

Looking for the right palm leaf :The astrologer, who is often called a Nadi reader or Nadi astrologer, will use your thumbprint to locate the relevant Nadi grantha that contains your life details. This process can be time-consuming, as there are numerous bundles of manuscripts.

Transcription :Once your Nadi grantha is found, the astrologer will start reading and interpreting the predictions and details contained in the manuscript. The reading may reveal information about your past, present, and future, including details about your family, career, health, and more.

Direct Online Explanation:The Nadi astrologer will discuss the findings with you and provide insights and advice based on the manuscript’s contents. If there are negative aspects or challenges, the astrologer may also suggest remedies or rituals to mitigate them.

Nadi Chapter

In Nadi astrology, the term “Nadi chapters-Nadi Khandams” refers to the various sets or collections of palm leaf manuscripts, each containing specific life predictions and information for individuals. These chapters are often categorized based on different aspects of a person’s life, and seekers can locate their relevant chapter to receive personalized predictions.

Rashi Chakra Khandam: This khandam deals with the general aspects of an individual’s life, including their character, personality, and general well-being.

Hora Khandam: Focuses on wealth, possessions, and financial matters in a person’s life.

Drekkana Khandam: Deals with siblings, communication, and short journeys in one’s life.

Chaturthamsa Khandam: Concentrates on home, property, real estate, and mother.

Panchamsha Khandam: Provides insights into education, creativity, and children in a person’s life.

Shashtiamsa Khandam: Focuses on health, diseases, and enemies.

Sapthamsa Khandam: Deals with progeny, childbirth, and matters related to children.

Ashtamsa Khandam: Concentrates on obstacles, unexpected events, and transformations in life.

Navamsa Khandam: Provides insights into marriage, relationships, and one’s spouse.

Dasamsa Khandam: Focuses on career, profession, and public reputation.

Ekadamsa Khandam: Deals with gains, income, and fulfillment of desires.

Dwadasamsa Khandam: Concentrates on parents, especially the father.

Trayodasamsa Khandam: Provides insights into the matters of death and longevity in one’s life.

Chatur-Vimsamsa Khandam: Focuses on travels, foreign settlement, and spiritual inclinations.

Shashtiamsa Khandam: Deals with debts, disputes, and legal matters.

Saptavimsamsa Khandam: Concentrates on the influence of Saturn and one’s experiences in old age.

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