Nadi Astrology

    Nadi Astrology is an ancient form of Indian astrology that is believed to have been written by sages or seers in ancient India thousands of years ago. It is a unique and complex system of astrology that is based on the belief that the past, present, and future of an individual’s life are already predetermined and recorded on palm leaves or manuscripts.

What we Offer

        Nadi Reading: The primary service offered by Nadi astrologers is the reading of Nadi scrolls or palm leaves. The astrologer will use the client’s thumbprint or other personal information to locate the specific Nadi leaf that pertains to them. The leaf is then deciphered to provide insights into the client’s life, including their birth details, family, career, health, and significant life events.

        Past Life Insights: Nadi astrology often claims to reveal information about a person’s past lives, including the karmic influences from previous incarnations that may be affecting their current life.

        Future Predictions: Nadi astrologers make predictions about the client’s future, including career prospects, financial fortunes, health, and relationships. These predictions are believed to be based on the information found in the Nadi leaves.

        Remedies: Nadi astrologers may suggest remedies or solutions to mitigate negative future events or to enhance positive aspects of a person’s life. These remedies can include rituals, prayers, and other spiritual practices.

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