Vasthu Sastra

    Vastu Shastra is based on a set of principles and guidelines that dictate the ideal way to design and construct buildings and spaces. These principles take into account various factors, including direction, elements, and energy flow.

Vastu Shastra is centered around the concept of the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space (or Ether). It suggests that the balance and alignment of these elements in a space can affect the overall energy and harmony.

    Guruji . Swami vinayahar, a proficient Vastu expert, dedicated to enhancing the energies of your living spaces through the principles of Vastu Shastra. With a wealth of knowledge gained over 30 years, Swamiji specialize in helping individuals align their homes and workplaces with the cosmic forces to attract positivity, abundance, and good fortune.

What we Offer

        Vastu Consultation: Swamiji can provide consultations for homes, offices, and other buildings to assess the existing layout and suggest modifications or design improvements to enhance the positive energy flow in the space.

        Space Analysis: Swamiji may analyze the layout of a space to determine the auspicious and inauspicious areas based on Vastu principles. They can recommend adjustments to create a more balanced and positive environment.

        Vastu Remedies: If a space does not align with Vastu principles, consultants can suggest remedies, such as rearranging furniture, adding specific elements, or making structural changes to bring it in line with Vastu guidelines.

        Vastu for New Construction: Swamiji can assist in the design and construction of new buildings, ensuring that the layout, orientation, and positioning of rooms and structures adhere to Vastu principles.

        Energy Flow Assessment: Swamiji may assess the flow of energy or “prana” in a space and suggest adjustments to ensure that it flows harmoniously through the building.

        Compatibility Analysis: Swamiji may provide compatibility assessments for individuals or families residing in a shared space to ensure that the living environment supports the well-being and relationships of the occupants.

        Commercial Vastu: For businesses, Swamiji can offer advice on office layout and design to promote success, productivity, and financial growth in accordance with Vastu principles.

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